We begin by enabling you to create the data

Getting started is easy, purchase our smart hardware sensor and install them at your indoor/covered growing facilities or install them on your open fields.  Installation is very easy and only takes a few minutes.  We also provide customizable solutions to meet your company’s specific analytical needs.

Our platform collects and enriches the data

Your data is collected by our powerful, scalable and cloud enabled platform.  We apply business rules, data cleansing, enrichment and transform your data into something that is more user friendly.  The platform is fully managed, secured and accessible to you from any computer or mobile device.

Finally, we empower you to act on the insight

We provide out-of-the-box, reports and dashboards which empower you to gain insights from your data.  These easy to use reports and dashboards enable quick interpretation of the data and provide impactful analysis of your organization, farm, and customers.   The platform enables you to control and orchestrate the hardware to act on the new insight and interact with the hardware.

It All Begins With Data Collection

IoT and smart sensor technologies are enabling farmers to collect all kinds of environmental data, which provide rich insights about their farm, the land and assets.  Contact us to learn more on how farmers can use this data to gain operational efficiency.