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RapidMetrix is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for the IoT industry.  Our platform empowers a smarter planet by powering the Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.  We leverage the power of the cloud, collect telemetry data from devices and transform the data into useful insights.  We strive to transform data into knowledge by using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to do all the heavy lifting.


Your data, your decisions, anytime, anywhere

Coupled with our best-of-class sensors, our dashboards meet 90% of your reporting and decision needs, and we can customize the remaining 10% to your requirements.  Saving you valuable time and money.


Machine learning skills are in high demand, and we’ve been at it for years already…

We use state of the art technology to process the data and transform it into insights. We apply our proprietary agronomic models to your data, to create more value.


We unlock data patterns and increase the odds in your favor...

Our data scientists are experts at building forecasting models. We turn your data into an early warning system to help you better manage pest, water, and resources.


What are your competitors doing...

Our staff has many years of cutting edge technology and industry expertise, which we harness to provide you with powerful and insightful industry analysis and support.