"Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority."

- Bill Gates

By 2050 the earth will have 2.3 Billion more people, which will require food product to increase by 70%.  Farmers will have to meet this demand while dealing with a changing climate, finite arable land, and limited fresh water supply.

Solving this global threat

Rapidmetrix solutions increases the quality and quantity of agricultural production through "precision agriculture" also known as "smart farming".  Our data driven and machine learning predictive solutions save upwards of 35% on farming resources when used in conjunction with other conservation techniques. 

Open Field

Our unique open field sensors make collecting data simple and cost effective.  It requires only 1 cellular connection to transfer numerous data points within a 5-mile radius.  The data is sent and transformed by our predictive and prescriptive analytics platform to easy-to-use dashboards. 

Our sensors are on duty 24/7, measuring key environmental metrics such as field and weather conditions.

The analysis and interpretation of the data enables a deeper understanding of the land and allow farmers to create sustainable farming heuristics for their land.  The collected data also enables tightly integrated pest management modeling and irrigation system controls.

Indoor & Covered Farms

Although indoor and covered farms have an advantage over the environment compared to open field farming, indoor facilities still benefit from monitoring the environmental factors. 

Our tracking and analysis of such environmental factors enable farmers to recreate the ideal growing conditions that may be unique to each plant and strain creating a more optimal, profitable and sustainable farming process.   

Hydroponics & Vertical Farms

It is becoming rare to find open field farming in the middle of urban areas.  The lack of land has pushed farmers to look for alternative growing methods such as hydroponics.   This method requires additional monitoring of the plants to obtain a similar yield and is more costly than an open field operation.

Our sensor and data-driven solutions help to solve some of the challenges farmers face, by providing visibility to the fertigation mix and allow them to create a more sustainable and repeatable farming practice.    

"Information at your finger tips, enables you to make smarter decisions."

The Future of Smart Farming is Here

Proactive Monitoring on Your Mobile Device

Real-Time Data Collection

Collect field environmental data and monitor your crops in real-time.

Notifications & Alerts

Our early warning system will inform you when it detects anomalies and events that are maybe of concern to you.

Interactive Dashboards

User friendly dashboards that provide trends and insights about your land and your crops.

Prescriptive Solutions

Our machine learning algorithms are learning about your land and can recommend solutions.