Our Approach

At RapidMetrix, we strive to simplify and optimize data related processes.  Advanced Analytics is in our DNA.  Our expertise with Big Data, business intelligence, and machine learning has given us the ability to transform raw data into valuable and strategic assets.  We have partnered with leading hardware providers and technology companies to create a state of the art IoT Platform and Solution.

Ecosystem centric...

Using our patent pending hardware along with our algorithms and software platform, we deliver on the promise of reducing the complexity of managing data while unlocking its value.  We strive to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions while developing customizations to address their unique business requirements.

Born in the Cloud

RapidMetrix started in 2016 as a Software-as-a-Service analytics firm providing organizations with powerful analytical solutions.  In 2017, we grew our team and expertise into the Internet-of-Things and Connected Smart Devices with a focus on providing Ready-To-Go IoT starter kits.   As we delved into the business, we discovered that there is a much greater need for analytics services, than we first anticipated especially in the areas of device telemetry analysis.  The lack of skilled data professionals combined with a large demand is at the heart of the problem.  Our team of professionals provide solutions which lower the risk to market and can deliver IoT projects within a short period of time and total cost of ownership.